Power and precision

The new trade ADV for Schumo AG

For 2014 ADV campaign SCHUMO AG has decided to focus on the concept of robustness combined with the precision, the added value of all the production of the Switzerland company. Power, control, precision: to ensure a safe and high-level performance, even under heavy duty cycle.

The clear and loud telescopic column picture highlights the considerable thrust which can lift loads up to 400 kg, while moving with stability and precision, even when it comes to large off-axis loading.
The SCHUMO column in polished aluminum is ready to use for the most common applications and is available with customized solutions that fit specific needs.

The printed message


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The maintenance free, gearless actuators of the ES series are, due to their compact design, suitable to be placed in a host of applications. ES drives have a rugged metal housing and have integral limit-switches. The synthetic spindle-nut provides extremely silent operation. ES actuators offer a wide range of applications in construction machines, building infrastructure and medical industry. Highly customizable, the ES actuators comply with the safety norms for the medical industry.
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An advanced product design and a patented slider-system makes the lifting unit SCOPIC L a cost effective solution for various industrial fields. Light, very quiet (<40 dB) and with an elegant aluminum profile, the L series is a further development of the telescopic pillars technology. Highly customizable, the SCOPIC L can be equipped with all sorts of electrical features for specific applications with all the wiring integrated.
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Accessories and Optional FIXED PUSH BUTTON BLOCK
On the modern market, even a small detail can often make the difference. This is why we strive to find the most appropriate solutions for the specific requirements of our customers, well aware of the need to find the right product without any compromises. On this page you will find a short overwiev of the large range of variants and accessories available.
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