Perfect solution for heavy duty applications even with offset loads.
Up to 6000N.

Telescopic columns


  • Alternate Current
  • Direct Current
  • Syncro
  • Tri-x
  • Dual drive

Double set of extra large slides on each side of the column for high stability degree
High thickness degree of the profile’s walls
5 different profile’s dimensions available
Elegant appearance for in-view solutions
Plug & Play
High customizable in dimensions, wirings and mounting plates
AC worldwide multi-tension solution available
Gearless AC power transmission for very silent operation



  • High resistance against bending moments
  • Maintenance free
  • Built-in auxiliary sockets
  • Quiet operation
  • Anodized aluminum profiles
  • Standard protection IP44
  • Duty cycle S3 10% based on 10 min.
  • Operating temperature -10C° ÷ +60C°


• Safety nut

• Controlled by a Schumo low voltage controller

• Customized cables inside the coloumn

• Different built-in auxiliary sockets

• Customizable strokes and retracted lengths

• Synchronized versions

• Encoder

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